Porsche Puts Out Fires Before they Start

Posted on March 29, 2012 02:01 by Jeff Curran

Porsche AG issued a recall today for 1232 of its 2012 911 Carrera S Coupes, stating that a fuel line could become disconnected due to its proximity to a coolant line.  The result could be fuel leakage, causing the engine to stop or possibly to catch fire.  So why is this important?  Companies issue recalls every day – why should you (or anybody else) care about this one?    

I’ll tell you why.  Porsche issued this BEFORE any fires were caused, property was damaged or lives were even potentially lost.  They just thought it MIGHT happen, and they did something about it before something actually happened.  I just figured more people needed to realize that car companies aren’t  actually the greedy, heartless things they are portrayed to be.  The kicker is that car companies do stuff like this all the time – it’s just that nobody ever pays attention to these because they don’t “sell”.  I realize nobody is going to jump on this nationally, because it’s not “news” in the popular sense.  But the next time you hear somebody deride “Big Auto”, at least think of this.  Granted, there aren’t a lot of cars involved (and yes, they are very, very nice cars), but it really is the thought that counts here.  

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