Sony Data Breach Part V: Hacked Again!

Posted on May 20, 2011 07:35 by Chad Godwin

Computer and electronics giant Sony continues to take two steps back with every step forward while trying to restore services on its PlayStation Network. recently reported that the network has been hacked again.  The new attack comes just over one month after the network was initially hacked, which resulted in the breach of over 100 million accounts.  After shutting the network down for over a month to bolster security, Sony was in the process of bringing network services back on-line when the company discovered another hack.  In an effort to strengthen security, Sony forced users to reset their password upon returning to what was supposed to be a reinforced network.  However, an additional hack allows someone to reset a user password if they know the corresponding email address and birth date associated with the account, both of which were compromised in the initial attack.  Sony has since disabled the password reset system and gone back to the drawing board, with no word on when full network access will be restored.

While Sony certainly has its hands full attempting to return network functionality, the company continues to experience mounting legal problems.  In addition to the multitude of suits being filed in the U.S., Sony is now facing claims filed by Canadian citizen Natasha Maksimovic. reports that Toronto law firm McPhadden Samac Tuovi, LLP represents Maksimovic and is seeking in excess of $1 billion in damages from Sony Japan, Sony USA and Sony Canada.  Maksimovic wants to see some of the damages go to paying for 2 years of credit monitoring services and fraud insurance coverage for network customers.  Sony has not commented on the filing.


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Sony Data Breach Part VII:  Suspect Nabbed!

Sony Data Breach Part VII:  Suspect Nabbed!

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